Nov 8, 2009

A Fashion Break-Up!

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Did you hear that noise?  Was it the sound of a top celebrity stylist going banana’s or the shrill of nervous anticipation from one bow-tied celebrity assistant. Word on the street is Taylor as in Jacobson is finally leaving Rachel Zoe Inc. reports::”We’ve kind of seen this coming for a while, but the season ender showed Taylor getting a new role (well, sort of) handling aspects of RZ’s growing merchandise business.

But we guess things didn’t get any better. In an email to contacts today, Taylor said: “After four amazing years at Rachel Zoe Corporation, I’m saddened and exhilarated at the same time to announce my departure. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to take the challenging leap to go off and style on my own.” posted that Taylor had been “fired” by Rachel Zoe as of November 6.

Whom do we believe? Seems that Taylor has everything to gain in going off by herself and nothing to lose except maybe running an entire business for someone else by herself. On the other hand, Brad (bow tied assistant referred to above) and Rachel span the globe, drinking lattes and leave the” business “of running Rachel’s business to Taylor. To be fair- Rachel did build  Rachel Zoe Inc.from the ground up- she just left to much of the day to day work to Taylor

 Let’s just see if Brad will grasp the notion that running a successful celebrity styling business involves more than picking up a blackberry to check Starbucks locations.  

 Good Luck Taylor-I am sure you will be Fashion-tabulous!!

Taylor Jacobson! Hard Working Stylist Extraordinaire!!!

Taylor Jacobson! Hard Working Stylist Extraordinaire!!!

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