Oct 8, 2009

Wardrobe Basic-The Black Pant

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Next to the pencil skirt the black pant is probably the best invention since ice cream. On second thought if your legs aren’t your best feature than in fact the pant would be number one as the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe.  My last black pant count stands at 12. I have flared, straight leg, cropped, zipper front, side zipper and back zippered in  wool, cotton, crepe, corduroy, rayon…well you get the picture.

The black pant is heaven because you can dress it up or down depending on your jacket, blouse, t-shirt, accessories, and shoe selection. How great is that?  

Just to make sure that whatever the style, shape and fabrication of black pant you decide to wear really works for you here are my:

Basic Black Pant  Bylaws

•1.     Only purchase black pants that fit today. Translation: Don’t plunk down your dollars in the mindset of losing 10 pounds by next week to “make them fit.”

•2.     Sit down in your pants before purchasing to make sure they are comfortable, (i.e.. don’t tug anywhere and don’t dip in the back.).

•3.     Buy the best quality of black pant you can afford. You will wear them a ton. Check the stitching so it’s even. If their lined, all the better. Make sure the zipper glides up and down and that the hem lays flat.

•4.     Buy a fabrication that doesn’t wrinkle. Abort any thought of buying black linen pants.. A Spandex blend of 5-10 percent is always a good thing in holding  you in and making the pant shape smooth.

•5.     If you find a pant that fits perfectly in the hip and thigh but needs an adjustment at the waist or hem…there is something wonderful called a Tailor. A hem or waist alteration is very inexpensive and worth your money.

The Basic of all Basics-The Black Pant!
The Basic of all Basics-The Black Pant!
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