Feb 9, 2020

Oscar Sunday..The Envelope Please

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A quick sneak peak behind the Oscar Envelope…

The Envelope is large and beautifully embossed…

A few years ago, I attended a luncheon from the production company in charge of designing and providing the envelopes for the Oscars.  P.S. This was NOT the company that  caused the major envelope debacle of 2018 but  had supplied all Oscar envelopes prior. I thought  you might enjoy a little 411 on this integral part of the Oscar Ceremony. And the Winner is…..


The envelope is no light weight. 1/4 inch thick(think heavier then the most luxe wedding invitations) and 1/8 inch thick


Envelopes are kept under lock and key..literally!

Envelope Prep

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Feb 27, 2014

Oscar Buzz…..

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Yesterday, I attended a fabulous afternoon soiree held by  Marc Friedland.  Marc is THE designer to the star’s and all things OSCAR- when it comes to paper play and more specifically invitations. This year as in years past Marc is the Go To Guy for designing “The Envelope Please” which holds the Oscar winners name and category. Only in LA can you attend an afternoon soiree filled with champagne ,wine, fancy hors devours and view all the Oscar  buzzzzzz…

  White Glove Service to prep “The Envelopes”

An “Envelope” is made for each and every Nominee

Only the accountants know who the winner is until announced.

Oscar seals to close “The Envelope”

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