Apr 16, 2009

The “Real Housewives”???

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The Real??? Housewives

I would be totally remiss not to mention the fashions on Bravo’s A list Awards Show last night. Needless to say the Worst of the Worst would have to go to The Housewives (and I do mean all of them)!!!! The Reality Show Housewives (who all seem to be desperate for attention with a capital D!) include New York, Atlanta, and Orange County. One can only guess what the latest installment of the Housewives from New Jersey will bring-(did I just hear a Baddha Bing?)…That being said have a look at the fashion statement NeNe Leakes-(housewife from Atlanta) wore on stage to accept her award for “Cable TV’s guiltiest pleasure”-the only pleasure I saw was that of the children of Malawi seeing the possibility of being breast feed for a week.   
 I often wonder how they decide to cast these shows because I have yet to see a common thread except they seem to choose Housewives that are neither fashionable, classy and in most cases not even a housewife. Hello Bethany-no children, no husband, how are they defining Housewife? Maybe “housewife” just means you’re not homeless and have an actual roof over your head. 


Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes

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