Dec 2, 2010

A Tiffany & Co. Xmas Story…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Nobody …but nobody has a more beautiful Christmas Ad Campaign than Tiffany & Company. The “little blue box” is a coveted gift for any Glamour Girl. In observing the numerous ads that Tiffany presents during the holidays I couldn’t help but think that perhaps there was a  mini-storyline involved. As the sequence of pictures below indicates the Tiffany Christmas Story would go something like this:

Handsome boyfriend purchases a lovely Tiffany gift for his Glamour Girl.

In his sheer excitement to give said Glamour Girl this wonderful token of his love he runs to her home to present this little piece of blue heaven.

Upon waiting outside of the door he ponders all the wonderful times they have had together and how this gift is the perfect expression of his feelings.

Glamour Girl accepts this lovely gift and is so overwhelmed with emotion she must sit down at the nearest table without any laptop, blackberry, iphone, ipad and graciously accepts and appreciates said boyfriends generous and thoughtful expression of love …Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.


 Moral of the story:

If you want a happy ending to your romantic story-Don’t leave home without the “Little Blue Box” in a “Big Blue Bag”… courtesy of Tiffany and Co. this Christmas.

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