May 6, 2013

Met Ball 2013…Punk:Chaos to Couture

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Anna Wintour

Once a year the Metropolitan Museum of Art holds a gala to raise money for the Costume Institute and to unveil the latest fashion exhibition. This year’s exhibit is dedicated to Punk: Chaos to Couture, and will be attended by many A-Lister’s from the fashion and entertainment communities.  As photos hit the web I’ll be posting more entries. Stay tuned….

Designer Tom Ford and Joan Smalls

Uma Thurman

Taylor Swift

Heide Klum


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Apr 4, 2013

Tom Ford Essentials

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Nov 4, 2011

Tom Ford Nails It…

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In case you missed it..Tom Ford has a whole new line of cosmetics hitting the stores.(Well not all stores-you certainly won’t find any of Master Tom’s items at Target or even Macy’s for that matter) Think Neiman Marcus and  Bergdorf Goodman.The line is gorgeous like everything  else that Tom Ford creates. If you find yourself longing to purchase something with the Tom Ford label but can’t quite cough up a mere grand or two for a TF Jacket- then why not start small…buy yourself a bit of happy with a lovely bottle of Tom Ford Nail Lalquer. The price  $30.00….a bottle. I know’s steep for a bottle of nail polish (TF calls it nail laquer-sounds more Chic?!?) Think of it this way…the holidays are coming up and you have been  a VERY GOOD GLAMOUR GIRLTHIS YEAR!

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Oct 28, 2011

The Feminine Tuxedo Returns.

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Blame it on Tory Burch! She looked so smashing in this tuxedo outfit last Spring that I think she set the fashion world on fire! The Tuxedo was back in a big way.

The conception of a tuxedo for the female form was first introduced in the 1970’s by YSL(see pic below). It has evolved through the years into a much more feminine silhouette with numerous adaptations in shapes and embellishments for women. There are so many  tuxedo shapes  to choose from (long, short, black white, jeweled trim satin stitching)  I am confident you will find the one that will look tres chic on you! Who knew that a tux could be so feminine and stylish…Tory knew and so can you! Have Fun!!!

YSL designed the first fashionable Tuxedo for women in 1975. Iconic photo by Helmut Newton

Prabal Gurung

Tom Ford 

Halston Heritage Tuxedo Jacket at the $154.00


White Tuxedo Jacket  by Victoria’s $148.00

Embellished Tuxedo Jacket from Victoria’s $198.00 

 Vince Tuxedo Jacket from Shop $485.00



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Aug 25, 2011

Tom Ford News…

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Wait right there. Before you go any further …stop and take a moment to bow to the Master of Impeccable Design and Presentation-Tom Ford. Mr. Ford has designed a complete line of make-up that is uber chic and ultra desirable. Tom Ford’s latest venture is set to debut before 2012 and includes a bevy of beautiful make up essentials that any Glamour Girl would covet. Think lipsticks in hues that are heavenly, creamy foundations that glide on “like butter” and eye shadow palettes so pretty you’ll feel compelled to bat an eye. Quality is always synonymous with any Tom Ford product, and so is price. Class, elegance and product packaging doesn’t come cheap: eye color quads retail for $75.00, foundation sticks $70.00, check blushes $55.00 and lip glosses sell for $30.00. Tom rounds out the line with make up brushes and a skin care line. Nothing but the best from the house of Tom Ford.


photos courtesy of sandiinthecityblogspot
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Jun 26, 2011

Tom Ford-Glamour Master!

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I apologize ahead of time BUT I couldn’t help myself…I mean…What’s a girl to do when she gets a sneak peak at one of the most luxurious collections featured in the “just released” Look book by Tom Ford for Winter 2011-2012??? Really now?? It is called a Look book- suffice it to say that I was doing as instructed. One glance at this collection  and what Glamour Girl could blame me for taking in the furs and feathers and uber lux leathers that Master Tom has designed for Winter 2011.Suddenly I’m craving snow but it’s 100 degrees outside so I will just sit here sipping my ICE tea and take it all in for now.

Tom Ford Look book courtesy of Sandi in the City blogspot.  

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Jan 25, 2011

Lip Service…

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Tom Ford Private Label "Cherry Red"

Red Lips are a true Glamour Girl fashion statement. Every woman no matter what her skin tone, hair color or complexion can “make it work.” All you need do… is find the right shade of red for YOU. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, might I suggest you stroll into your nearest cosmetic mega store and sample a few fabulous shades of ravishing red. Just to get you off to a great start I have listed a few of the top selling shades below! Enjoy!

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Creme in “Fire”

Nars "Jungle Red"

MAC “Russian Red”

Estee Lauder Hydra Luster in "Rich Red"

Wet & Wildl “Hot Red”
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Oct 6, 2010

Tom Ford has Nailed it!

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Tom Ford the “Titan of Tantalizing Fashion” has a second entrée into the beauty biz (Tom introduced 12 shades of luscious lipsticks for $45.00 a pop in May 2010). His latest creation is an uber glamorous shade of nail polish called Black Orchid. For a limited time only, Mr. Ford has available at SFA (Saks Fifth Avenue) the Black Orchid Holiday Trio which includes the latest edition nail polish, lipstick and solid perfume for a “mere” $140.00. I have searched the web in earnest trying to find if Master Tom is offering the nail polish to be sold separately but to no avail…you know dear Glamour Girls I am on it and will report ASAP if I find the link to give you a stand alone price on the polish. In the meantime check out a deep red tone for the winter months ahead or if you have the cash, I suggest you run down to your nearest SFA and grab the Black Orchid Collection.

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Nail Polish

Dark Winter Reds (pic courtesy of Sophy Robson blogspot)
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