May 20, 2011

“W”-One Flawless Fashionable Cover.

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Gorgeous-Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks

Don’t you just love the latest W Magazine June cover featuring Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks? Positively…flawless.  Ms. Robert and Mr. Hanks, are both very attractive and talented people, but I think even celebrities may be  astonished  when they see their final images after a bit of fashionable hocus-pocus. Keep this in mind next time you’re flipping through your favoirte fashion magazine  and catch yourself feeling less than perfect: EVERYTHING and I do mean everything in fashion photography has been altered and I’m not referring to a task handled by a professional seamstress.

“Embrace the beauty of you..flaws and all!”

Have a great weekend Glamour Girl.

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