Oct 28, 2011

The Feminine Tuxedo Returns.

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Blame it on Tory Burch! She looked so smashing in this tuxedo outfit last Spring that I think she set the fashion world on fire! The Tuxedo was back in a big way.

The conception of a tuxedo for the female form was first introduced in the 1970’s by YSL(see pic below). It has evolved through the years into a much more feminine silhouette with numerous adaptations in shapes and embellishments for women. There are so many  tuxedo shapes  to choose from (long, short, black white, jeweled trim satin stitching)  I am confident you will find the one that will look tres chic on you! Who knew that a tux could be so feminine and stylish…Tory knew and so can you! Have Fun!!!

YSL designed the first fashionable Tuxedo for women in 1975. Iconic photo by Helmut Newton

Prabal Gurung

Tom Ford 

Halston Heritage Tuxedo Jacket at the Outnet.com $154.00


White Tuxedo Jacket  by Victoria’s Secret.com $148.00

Embellished Tuxedo Jacket from Victoria’s Secret.com $198.00 

 Vince Tuxedo Jacket from Shop Bop.com $485.00



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Sep 25, 2011

Tory Burch HEAVEN opens at 797.

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Welcome to the Tory Burch Flagship Store on Madison Avenue

The Shoe Salon…

The fabulous Tory Burch has just opened a gorgeous global flagship store at 797 Madison Avenue in New York City. The new space is housed in a renovated building filled with room after room of Tory Burch merchandise. The Gala grand opening party was held on September 15, with a bevy of A-list stars and fashion peeps in attendance..Take note:  If your traveling to New York City  in the near future, I would put this at the TOP of my “must see” shopping sites. Good Luck Tory-I’m sure 797 will be like entering Tory Burch Heaven. 

Photos courtesy of www.toryburch.com
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Feb 22, 2011

Sketchy Situation…

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Category: Fashion

Another New York Fashion Week ,has come to an end. Long before the press packed up their cameras, and designers showed their collections, and magazine editors took copious notes, and models were selected to walk the runway, and seamstresses worked tirelessly to make the designs that the models would wear, and the magazine editors would covet and the press would photograph…a designer started with a simple sketch. Yes, dear Glamour Girl all this hoop-la about fashion, and accessories and handbags usually starts with a rendering, a drawing if you will of an inspiration or idea that a designer drew on paper.

Below are a few sketches from some very talented designers. Look to their “future” collections to see these designs come to fruition. All I can say is that somewhere along the way Donna and Oscar and Tory must have got an A in Art! 


Neautral Bag & Shoe Silouette for Fall ..Sketch by Donna Karan

Fur Lined Over the Knee Boot by Oscar de la Renta

Sturctured Bags for Fall 2011 sketch by Tory Burch

                                                                                 All images courtesy of Elle.com
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Dec 5, 2010

Tory Tory Tory….

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The Tory Burch label is synonymous with signature tunics and upside down and ride side up bumping T’s. But as of late Tory Burch, is getting a whole lot of press courtesy of brand maker extraordinaire-the one and only OPRAH! Seems that the divine Ms. O, tapped on Tory Burch’s designer doorstep to order up some fabulous flats and a matching flannel handbag-to be deemed as one of her “favorite things” this Christmas. Now I would be remiss if I neglected to show a picture of said items, but as all things go when Oprah comes calling: they sell out in a matter of minutes-so why temp you dear Glamour Girl if what you see …you can’t have-(at least not for right now) because they are…as they say in the biz…BACK ORDERED. Before you start pouting about not being able to click onto the Oprah flannel flat and matching handbag consider this: Tory has lots of “other” lovely items to choose from-tunics, sweaters, dresses, coats, handbags and accessories not to mention a fair share of leopard footwear. We all know how much a Glamour Girl loves her leopard. Keep shopping the site www.toryburch.com and in a matter of minutes I am sure you will find something that is “spot on” for the holidays ahead.

Leapard Print Camile Pump $359.00

Leapard Print Halma Bootie $475.00
Sally Leapard Print Wedge $295.00

Penelope Leapard Sandal $350.00

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Dec 4, 2010

How to Save Your Sole(s)!

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Category: Fashion

During the holiday season the weekends seem to go into hyper mode with all the additional shopping, baking, decorating, car pooling and partying.  What’s a Glamour Girl to do when she MUST dress for speed, comfort and efficiency without forsaking fashion???? Simple: Loaf around. Yes, you heard me right- it’s all about loafing or more specifically THE LOAFER.  A perfect pair of comfortable, fun and fashionable loafers will have you zipping through the mall faster than the Hilton sisters on speed..(Not that our dear Paris would EVER think of doing drugs…but back on point). There are so many fashionable loafers to choose from, in so many textures, styles and price points you are sure to find a pair or pairs that will look Fabu on you!

The perfect loafer will not only be lovely to look at and wear but they  will protect your feet for all your high heel wearing  days ahead. The Loafer can single handedly “Save your Sole(s)! l I say  AMEN to that!   


Brian Atwood Loafer $350.00 @ Saks FIfth Avenue

Tory Burch Loafer $195.00 @ toryburch.com

Dana Davis "Heather in Pink was $275.00 now $98.00 @ Simply Soles.com

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