Apr 19, 2017

Beautiful Bell Sleeves

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion
sleeve detail classy in the city

Image Courtesy of FB Classy in the City

bell sleeve 3

Image courtesy of tuberose.com.br

I am lovvvvving the big bell sleeve detail that has gone from Winter 2016 to Spring 2017. There is just something so pretty and feminine about a bell detail (no matter how large or small)  that adds a touch of style to any sleeve. Now it may not be the number one item to wear if your thinking of doing dishes or chores of any kind unless of course it’s shopping and really now is that a chore?I think not.  But to add some extra uuumph to an outfit and put some serious style into  the ever so predictable straight sleeve why not try a beautiful bell detail this Spring.

bell sleeve long

Image courtesy of Livingly


Image Courtesy of Milly S/S 2017

Image Courtesy of Milly S/S 2017


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