Feb 8, 2019

Bring on the Bling

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Happy Friday, Glamour Girl. There’s been something on my mind lately and it is style related hence- I feel compelled to share it with you. Am I alone on this one or do you agree that we all need a little bit of bling in your day? Lately, I’ve noticed a major gravitational pull toward the perusing of sparkly items. Glitter is always on my radar but as of this week it seems stronger than ever. I can’t quite explain it and yet I sit here pondering the following: could this unceasing penchant for sparkle be caused by: 1) the holidays being O.V.E.R. and longing for something festive 2.) the dark days of Winter with gloomy days abounding are starting to wear on us and we need a bit of sun SHINE in our day or 3.) we just like something sparkly and pretty? How about: All of the above! In keeping with my quest of putting a little bit of bling back in your day and not suggesting you go over the top and look like you’re ready to wear so much glitter that you could bring in an oncoming plane, might I recommend a major “on- trend” item that is spotted everywhere as of late..the rhinestone belt. Now this is NOT the rhinestone cowboy belt of days gone bye but instead a really chic and sleek belt that you can wear with, skirts, pants, everyday dresses and jeans. Yes, you heard me JEANS. In fact,jeans are my number one preference in putting a little bling back into your wardrobe rotation.

Image Courtesy of www.whowhatwear.com
Rhinestones Belts Updated….
Farah Rhinestone Belt by Free Peopele $158.00
Farah Rhinestone Belt by Free People $158.00
Express Crystal Gem Belt $59.90
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Aug 4, 2014

Fall Trend 2014..

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Keep on the lookout (and just between you and I this won’t be hard) for the leather pencil skirt for Fall 2014. It is going to be big-well not big in size because let’s face it a pencil skirt looks perfect on every size and shape but the key to looking fabulous is fit.  Yes beautiful Glamour Girls -FIT in fashion is the secret to every woman looking stylish. There is going to be a lot of leather to wear out there this Fall and vegan or faux  leather can look just as lux as the real thing.  

 Photo courtesy of Burberry

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Mar 12, 2014

Pretty Pastels….

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This was a  very long Winter. Now that temps are finally flirting above the fifty degree mark it’s time to put on some pretty pastels. 


What prettier palette to pair up when going casual than the softer hues that  are sure to look good on you!

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May 29, 2013

Jump for it!

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Zara jumpsuit $89.00 @Zara.com

The jumpsuit returns. The question begs to be asked: Did it ever leave? It doesn’t seem so. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall the jumpsuit has staying power. It’s really no wonder that this one piece wonder returns season after season because it’s so comfortable and looks amazingly chic. Just choose a simple silhouette in a flattering color and faster than yuo can jump to it you will be ready to go!

Bloomingdales.com was $198.000 now $83.16

Boston Proper.com $119.00

Celebrity Nina Dobrev in a fabulous red jumpsuit

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