Jun 19, 2013

Stripe Story

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Aqua Maxi $88.00
Wide horizontal stripes make you look larger/wider.

Stripes are so.o.o.o in this summer. These multiple line graphics are fun to wear but a Glamour Girl must be careful when donning this trend because if you pick the wrong stripe story for your figure type it can go so.o.o wrong instead of so right..Here are a few tips to help you sort it all out…

1. Wide stripes will make you look the same WIDE!

2. Vertical stripes are so slimming

3.  A mix of large and small horizontal stripes will make the area with small stripes recede and accentuate the area with large stripes.

(All  photos courtesy of Bloomingdale’s.com)

Ralph Lauren $144.00
Slanted stripes keep the eye moving and add instant curves

Calvin Klein Maxi $108.00
Variable Stripe patterns make you appear taller & slimmer

French Connection $98.00
Thin stripes on the side vents make you appear smaller.

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