Dec 8, 2009

Dress Distress!!!!!

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Dress Alert !  Glamour girls unite and keep your eyes peeled if you spot any of the dresses pictured below. Last Saturday there was a high fashion heist of approximately 50-75 Victoria Beckham dresses from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection while en route to Neiman Marcus. Word on the street is that our darling Victoria is beyond devastated and the loss totals a substantial $575,000.00.  

(As reported by London’s Daily Mail) The van containing the collection had left 19 Entertainment’s London offices when it was broken into as the driver made a delivery. When the driver returned to his vehicle, robbers knocked him down and ran off with the fashionable frocks.It is suspected that the operation was meticulously planned and speculate that the thieves can make a fortune selling the collection on the black market.

SO… for the sake of Victoria, let’s keep our eyes open, our stilettos sharpened and our ovens set at 350 degrees…(just in case  Victoria may ever want  some “comfort” food)…

vb-redvb-peplumvb-yellowvb-pinkVictoria Beckham Spring 2010 Collection

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