Nov 14, 2010

Victoria’s “Other” Secret!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

November…The time of year when temperatures call for wearing something more substantial than a sweater coat but less cumbersome and heat inducing than a faux fur coat or puffy parka (God for bid). What’s a Glamour Girl to wear before bone chilling cold temperatures arrive? Easy…peeesy! Just click onto the Victoria’s Secret website and low and behold you have a bevy of very stylish, very affordable lightweight wool coats to peruse and purchase. 

Now, I must give credit where credit is due on this little nugget of info. There I was standing in line at the frozen yogurt shop deciding which flavor to bring home to the hubby (hey I live in California and November weather is still hovering in the 60’s at night) when this darling girl standing next to me was wearing the cutest black ruffled coat. (Please see last picture entry on post). Of course, being on the lookout for all things Glamour Worthy we struck up a conversation about “said coat” and she -being a generous soul said to me: “You are NEVER going to guess where I got this…Victoira’s Secret.  I proceeded to tell her how fabulous she looked in the coat and then she said the magic words (which in turn had me flooring the accelerator till I arrived home to write you lovely Glamour Girls) It was on SALE!!!!! 

Apparently…Victoria has more than one secret. Great lingerie and a bevy of beautiful Mid Season Coats on SALE!


Wool Trench $148.00 now $129.00


Belted Wool Coat $148.00 now $109.00

Wool A-Line Coat $149.00 now $129.00


Wool Ruffle Coat $168.00 now $149.00
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