Jun 5, 2014

Best Sports Bra EVER!

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O.K. so I have to admit I am at the gym A LOT! And by a lot I mean everyday except Sunday. When you reside in LA it’s almost a requirement. You MUST spend at least 2-3 hours a day in workout attire and besides that I have been in recoup mode from the knee replacement surgery I had last year  which put me smack dab BACK in the hospital a whooping 4 times. Can you say intense physical therapy. All that being said I must cut to the chase and delve into the real issue of this post-finding the perfect workout bra.

I have always appreciated a bra that holds up the girls in their proper place. In my mind there is nothing that ages a woman faster than some major sagging in the chest area. To that end I came across the Victoria’s Secret Knockout bra and I almost sang Hallelujah! Because someone FINALLY made a bra that doesn’t flatten you out like most sports bras are known to do. It actually has a bra within a bra and is prices from $54.50 to $62.50). Available in oodles of colors  I think this is going to fast become a workout staple.


For more styles


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May 3, 2013

One Fabulous Bra….

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The other day I was talking to Dawn,one of my closest girlfriends. She is a fashion maven in her own right and a girl who got GLAMOUR down by the age of three. Dawn and I go way back and I have found her advice on all things including: life,men,recipes, clothing and bras to be spot on. So.o.o.o when Dawn and I were playing catch up via the telephone she mentioned that she had just found the most FABULOUS bra ever. Mind you Dawn has been very blessed in the upper register and me not so much-so when she’s talking bra’s… I am so in. Dawn mentioned that of all the bras she tried on lately the FABULOUS bra by Victoria’s Secret was hands down the best bra that she’s tried on in a very long time. It fits and looks fabulous (hence the name). Maybe this weekend as you’re zipping around town you might just want to stop into your nearest Victoria’s Secret and check out how Fabulous the Fabuous bra is on you. Trust me Dawn, has never been wrong.  



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Nov 15, 2012

Two Holiday Must Haves!

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Soon..very soon there are going to be lists…lots and lots of lists by every fashion maven on the planet telling you what you should have on hand for your upcoming holiday wardrobe. Truth be told, I will most likely join the party parade and come out with my 10 must haves as well .. BUT why not start out slowly (I mean it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet). To  get a little jump start on the dilemma of what to wear I found two-count um two items that you will get oodles of wear out of during the holiday season and beyond.d.d.d.

First on the list: A  tank with some sparkle. Trust me this is one of the most versatile items you can have in your closet.  You will wear it to death soo.o.o if you find one that fits perfectly considering purchasing multiples in different colors. You won’t be sorry!


 Sparkle Tank shown from Victoria’s Secret.com Sale Priced @$39.50

Must have number 2:

A  multi way dress. This one is also from Victoria’s Secret. Sale priced at $69.50(orig:$88). Endless options and is such a flattering fit . Available in an assortment of gorgeous colors.



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Mar 17, 2012

Polka Dot Love…

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I L.O.V.E. this polka dot sundress from Victoria’s Secret

Price (wait for it….$79.50)

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Nov 18, 2011

Fun Fauxs for the Weekend….

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Michael Kors Chubby Faux Fur Jacket $175.00 

It’s getting cold outside. So.o.o.o. what better way to cuddle up and still look chic than a fashionable   faux fur. Here are two fabulous and affordable faux fur jackets or…if you want just  a hint of faux go for a perfect little purse. Have a great weekend..and stay warm!

Elie Tahari Faux Fur Mink Jacket $298.00 available at www.nordstrom.com 

Faux Fur Hanbags by BCBG available at www.victoria’secret.com


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Oct 28, 2011

The Feminine Tuxedo Returns.

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Blame it on Tory Burch! She looked so smashing in this tuxedo outfit last Spring that I think she set the fashion world on fire! The Tuxedo was back in a big way.

The conception of a tuxedo for the female form was first introduced in the 1970’s by YSL(see pic below). It has evolved through the years into a much more feminine silhouette with numerous adaptations in shapes and embellishments for women. There are so many  tuxedo shapes  to choose from (long, short, black white, jeweled trim satin stitching)  I am confident you will find the one that will look tres chic on you! Who knew that a tux could be so feminine and stylish…Tory knew and so can you! Have Fun!!!

YSL designed the first fashionable Tuxedo for women in 1975. Iconic photo by Helmut Newton

Prabal Gurung

Tom Ford 

Halston Heritage Tuxedo Jacket at the Outnet.com $154.00


White Tuxedo Jacket  by Victoria’s Secret.com $148.00

Embellished Tuxedo Jacket from Victoria’s Secret.com $198.00 

 Vince Tuxedo Jacket from Shop Bop.com $485.00



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Sep 20, 2011

Sweater Weather….

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 Embrace the OSW…

(Outdoor Sweater Weather) 


Sequin Cardigan $69.50

I live in LA where “Sweater Weather,” isn’t in full Fall throttle until sometime in November. I remember growing up in the Midwest and looking forward to “chilly mornings” in late September and early October, when temperatures dipped into the 50-60’s and you’re  actually excited because you’ve been DYING to breakout your latest sweater purchase that’s been sitting in your closet since July! Let’s face it, (OSW) Outdoor Sweater Weather never lasts very long but, when it’s here you really want to embrace the perfect sweater. You seek something fun and fashionable but not to expensive because let’s face it, faster than you can say “first frost” you’ll be ditching your sweater coat for an insulated winter parka. (Well maybe not a parka but you get the gist…something much warmer and preferably with some flannel insulation).

Enter…Vicky, as in Victoria’s Secret. Yes the fashion Gods, were definitely in sync today when I thought to write this post because neatly rolled up in my mailbox was the latest Fall Issue of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog chock full of fabulous sweater options. We’re talking   cute cardigans, sweater coats, wonderful wraps and more. All are fashion forward and available at very reasonable prices. (We’re talking under $100.00 each)! At that price you may find yourself falling for more than just one OSW/outdoor sweater option. Kudos to you Vicky-you’re right on cue.    


Cotton Cashmere Wrap $39.50

Faux Fur Sweater Coat $98.00

Open Cardigan $69.50

All sweaters available at www.victoriassecret.com

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Jun 21, 2011

Cover Girls!

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Summer has arrived! Yippee! We all know that with the sunny summer days ahead we need two very important and necessary apparel items…you KNOW which ones of which I am speak: The perfect swimsuit and corresponding cover up. 

Who better than Victoria’s Secret to have a bevy of beautiful summer covers that will take you from strolling the beach to dining poolside and still look fabulous. I thought best to start with the “Cover story” and in a few days… when your self tanner has really hit its peak, we will venture into swimsuit territory. Until then, enjoy taking cover-not only are they fashionable BUT their all on SALE… How fabu for you!

Sequined Beach Dress $58.00 SALE: $39.50


Printed Drop Wiast Strapless Dress $58.00 SALE $39.50


Halter Bra Top Dress $79.50 SALE $59.50

Print Cotton Caftan $59.50 SALE: $49.50

Smoked Strapless Dress $55.00 SALE $45.00

Tie Dyed Beach Dress $48.00 SALE: $19.99

Solid Plunge Cover Up $45.00 SALE: $33.00

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Jun 8, 2011

Beach Bling.

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Every Glamour Girl needs a pair  (or two or three or four..) of fabulous flats to stroll on the sandy shores this summer. Who better than Victoria’s Secret to provide some beach bling for your feet. . Select any of these sparkly SALE sandals and you’ll be set for summer. Sensational!

Report Jeweled Thong Sandal $70.00 Sale: $51.99


Colin Stuart Rhinestone Thong Sandal $48.00 Now $34.99


Guess Jeweled Flower Sandal $78.00 Sale: $70.00


Chinese Laundry T-Strap Sandal $45.00 Sale $32.99
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Apr 5, 2011

Mailbox Mayheim….

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Category: Fashion

It started as just another ordinary day when I walked to my mailbox and gathered my daily delivery. As I sorted through all the letters, flyers, assorted junk mail and magazines…I suddenly see something that literally stops me in my tracks…there it was: The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog. Is it that time of year already? I run into my office and check my calendar. Yep… it’s April. With one flip of the calendar page and less than 30 days away, we have the month of MAY! We all know what May means don’t we? Sunny summer days,strappy sandals and the start of SWIMSUIT season. 

The VS swimsuit catalog is chock full of one gorgeous supermodel after another, lounging on the beach in the teeniest of bikinis. What is a Glamour Girl to do when you feel less than super about swimsuit season? Well… first of all remember that the average VS model is approxiimately  18 years old and a grand prize winner in the gene pool of life. She is one of THOSE girls that can eat ANYTHING and never gain a pound. Also keep in mind the never ending use of Photoshop and lighting. Finally, remember that after you take all the Pilates, Cardio barre, swimming and yoga classes in preparation of the season ahead…take note that there is something in the catalog that you are in absolute “tip top shape” to order right now.. .the wonderful wedge!


Two Lips Wedge Sandal $89.00 www.victoriassecret.com

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