Aug 24, 2014

VMA’s Fashion

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VMA fashion is always hip and cutting edge. There was allot of leather and bare midriffs. Throughout the evening many of the singers had outfit changes (loved Taylor Swifts performance get up-silver sequined fringe-adorable). Here are the “arrival on the Red Carpet” numbers.

Miley Cyrus

Gwen Stefani

Chanel Iman


Victoria Justice


Jordan Sparks


Taylor Swift

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Aug 26, 2013

VMA’s -Top 3 fashion moments.

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Selena Gomez In Versace

The Video Music Awards were last night and if your over the age of 30 you could be scratching your head thinking: ” Now, who is that?… as talent  parades across the screen. Even if your not totally up to speed on the who’s who in music video you can at least take a look at all the fashion or sometimes lack there of for the evening. As a whole (as in all awards shows) there is some good …some bad and some “Does your Mother know your practically nude on television moments?” Lady Gaga is in a league of her own coming out dressed as a nun-(you so know where THAT was going) as she ended the number wearing seashells over here bosom and a G-string. I don’t think that was her uniform from parochial school.  But there were a few great fashion moments thanks to the ever tasteful Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez, and Ciara. For more looks from the CMA’s click onto our Facebook page  (icon on the right).

Taylor Swift in Herve Ledger

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