Sep 21, 2018

Back to Basic(s)

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Nothing and I do mean nothing is more basic than your classic white shirt. After you stop YAWNING at the mere mention of this closet staple might I just say that the white shirt has a multitude of style options (dress it up -pair with a skirt-pencil, long and short) and pants or dress down with jeans, it can  be a stylish and crisp alternative to amp up your style quotient.

The white shirt  is a blank canvas, allowing you to accessorize to the 10th power  and customize your look to attain  uber fabulousness. You can pair it with anything and everything. Put on a pair of amazing earrings, or  add a statement necklace, opt for a super stylish footwear (pump,boots,loafers) and WHAH LAH! You’ll be amazed at  how a simple white shirt can elevate your entire look to the next level.

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Nov 9, 2016

Fashion Fix

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Jun 29, 2016

Closet Envy

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When it comes to closets Lisa Vanderpump (Housewives of Beverly Hills)  has one that doesn’t disappoint. Organized and stylized with every possible piece of luxury it instills MAJOR CLOSET ENVY! Enjoy the view because it’s really quite fabulous. P.S> The last picture posted at the bottom I believe is her husband’s Ken’s closet….

All Images Courtesy of Bravotvcom


Lisa Vanderpump in her gorgeous closet.

Lisa Vanderpumps closet

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Feb 24, 2014

One Perfect Pencil….

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Image courtesy of yourfindereskeepers blogspot

The pencil skirt is not only a wardrobe classic but a stylish staple that  looks good on EVERYONE! The only rule of thumb to make this wardrobe wonder WONDERFUL on you is to check the fit. Make sure it doesn’t pull, bunch, sag or bag and you’ll be in business. If your seeking to find the perfect pencil and it just doesn’t happen-consider purchasing one that fits you smoothly in the hip area and have it tailored to fit. For my complete wardrobe style rules on the Pencil Skirt click onto

Image courtesy via camirochelle


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Dec 6, 2009

What did you wear this weekend?

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The holiday party season is upon us and at some point you will probably be looking into your closet and thinking to yourself… H.m.m.m.m.m “I don’t think I have a thing to wear.” Well my dear Glamour Girls, if you think you have a problem coming up with the perfect outfit -let us all hold up our empty hangers and salute the” Queen” of putting an ensemble together- Lady Gaga! Granted, she may  not be on any best dressed list EVER..BUT, she sure knows how to make an entrance! If a reindeer headpiece doesn’t scream Happy Holidays I don’t know what does…

Lady Gaga in London 12/05/09
Lady Gaga in London 12/05/09
Lady Gaga out in London  on 12/06/09
Lady Gaga out in London on 12/06/09
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