Jan 5, 2018

I’m a Coat-a-holic

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The majority of my early years (Age 0-30) were spent in cold climates. I remember bracing the weather in Madison, Wisconsin, as I walked to my final exams in collage with temperatures¬† ¬† reporting in at 40 degrees BELOW zero with the windchill. Sooo, I understand COLD weather and have the frostbitten hands to prove it-quite frankly I don’t think they’ve ever recovered. During my formative freezing years I embraced the notion that even though the temps were dipping, my fashion savvy needn’t. Call me crazy, but I didn’t want to be so bundled up that I looked like a walking snowman or woman for that matter. I still wanted to be stylish in the snow. Enter… layers and my love for a really great and stylish winter coat.

I LOVE coats. A great wool or cashmere coat is key for staying warm and even though I now reside in LA where temts rarely dip under 30,I still have a closet full of coats in my closet and am always on the lookout for more. I’ve come to realize as I search winter coat sales that¬† I AM A COAT-A-HOLIC and can’t be cured-nor would I even want to be! If you like I LOVE a great coat then join the club and peruse the many FABU sales going on right now.

Here are a few silhouettes that look good on everyone, and are available at all price points in stores and on the web.

Keep it Classic: Image courtesy of Burberry

Wrap it UP1
Image courtesy of Brooklyn Blonde Blogspot

Over sized BUT Stylish

Go for Color!

Faux Fur and Pattern Play Image source unknown

For more Coat Inspiration visit my Coat-A Holic Pinterest Page Click on image to go directly to my Pinterest board.

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