Sep 24, 2010

A WHBM Wedding…..

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

White House Black Market is now in the BRIDAL Biz…It’s really no surprise when you stop and think about it. Thee economy is sputtering, retail is at an absolute lull and merchants have got to find another way to get customers to spend..spend..spend! What better way than bridal, (a recession proof retail staple that has a better cash flow than the Housewives of New Jersey.)

WHBM has created a beautiful collection for the bride that still wants the “thrill of the frill” without all the financial fuss.  Gowns range in price from $348.00 to $698.00

So let’s review for just a moment: First it was J. Crew Bridal, then White House Black Market Bridal…hands up… Who do you think will be next to enter the bridal biz?????  Dress Barn… (Hope not)…

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