Jun 8, 2020

Summer Craving…The Palm Print Corset

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Category: Fashion

I was seeking out a little bit of Summer Inspo  via the internet (because  for the most part storefronts in Los Angeles  remain closed). I came upon this very  pretty palm print from White House Back Market that I think says SUMMER. I love the refreshing color and multiple options in which you can wear this one piece wonder.Just a little something to perk up your wardrobe and  hopefully add a little style step to your day..Enjoy. *Direct link attached to first image on this post.


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Jun 27, 2013

WHBM gets a Black Belt in Fashion…

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Category: Fashion

The WHBM Bow Belt $38.00

Every Glamour Girl can benefit from having a basic black belt in her wardrobe. It’s a multi-purpose item that will cinch in your waist and add a little more curve in all the right places. Whether you need a thick or thin black belt I discovered some fabulous finds at none other than White House Black Market.com. You might just say that this collections gives them a black belt in fashion.

Black Patent Belt @ WHBM $48.00

Filigree Stretch Belt $78.00

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Sep 18, 2012

Fall Must Have ..The Pencil Skirt

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion Wardrobe basics

Houndstooth Pencil $88.00

Every Glamour Girl (no matter what size or shape) should own at least one pencil skirt! It looks good on everyone-and is so versatile. Dress it up, dress it down -the pencil skirt offers a multitude of fashionable options. 

When purchasing a pencil skirt you need only remember a few basic rules:

1. Fit is KEY!

2. If you find the perfect pencil and it fits at the hip but the waist is to big just have it taken in at your favorite tailor. If it’s tight all over go up a size (and have it tailored to fit).If the label inside bothers you with the stated number that you’re wearing-just cut out the label and tuck it away so you can remember the cleaning instructions). 

3.The best length is either at the knee or just above if you have great legs.

As I sourced the web to  find the perfect pencil I went to numerous fashion sites…but surprise ..surprise who else but the peeps at White House Black Market had the best selection, the most affordable prices ($88.00 for most styles and $78.00 for the uber basic) not to mention fantabulous reviews). So “pencil yourself  in” this fall must have. You’ll be so glad you did! 



Colorblock Ponte Pencil $88.00 (super slimming)


Flocked Dot Pencil $88.00

Tweed Pencil $88.00

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Apr 26, 2012

Woven Belt Throwdown

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Category: Fashion

Oscar de la Renta Whip stitch Woven Belt $590.00 Nordstrom

We are “loving” the woven belt for Spring 2012. This is one accessory that is so versatile for the season. You can dress it up or down and it will cinch in your waist with just the right amount of interest. Whatever your budget the woven belt is available at all price points. Here are two styles that just might “fit” your budget and your waist. I call it a woven belt throwdown-both are beautiful-it’s up to you on how much $$$ you want to throwdown. Enjoy.   

Black Patent Wicker Belt @White House Black Market $48.00

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Nov 15, 2011

Clutch Much!

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Category: Fashion Fashion tips

Sequin Box Clutch $48.00

My mailbox… not to mention my email has been deluged with Christmas sale announcements for over a month already. (I check my calendar and note that Thanksgiving is still 10 days off but with the  economy sputtering who can blame retailers for putting a little Rush on the season at hand..

I have finally decided to join in on the seasonal sale suggesitons and thought best to start a little Holiday Help(HH) series for all my wonderful readers.

The first installment in the HH series features two beautiful clutchs with a bit of bling   Both are from www.whitehouseblackmarket.com and priced UNDER $50.00. (Yes..you are reading that right.) So click away and order one  or two today.  Stay tuned for more Glamour Girl finds as the days progress.   


Sparkle Clutch  $44.00

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Nov 4, 2011

One Beautiful Bottle.

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Category: Fashion

The peeps at White House Black Market have really gone the extra mile for the holidays ahead. Available on their website is this beautiful  Art Deco Inspired Limited Edition Perfume bottle  for $150.00. Collectable bottle includes a numbered, limited edition card. Functional finial with wand; fillable vial.   Approximately 6″ x 9.5″. Arrives in a custom box with plush lining.(pictured below) Quite the presentation peice wouldn’t you say. Well done WHBM! www.whitehouseblackmarket.com and check under the GIFTS selection.

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Jul 14, 2011

Summer on Sale…

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Category: Fashion


Favorite Sale FInd: Z Spoke by Zac Posen 75% OFF @THE OUTNET.COM

Mid July. The time of year that brings with it two very important events in fashion: Summer Clearance and Fall Preview. With temperatures soaring into the triple digits and the thought of warm summer days ahead for at least the next 50-60 days, every Glamour Girl knows that this is THE TIME OF YEAR TO SHOP UNTIL YOU LITERLLY DROP (either from excessive shopping without adequate food due to ESF-(extreme shopping focus) or the AC has gone haywire in the retail establishment that you are currently in). If you haven’t found that perfect little summer something by now-than you best hightail it over to your favorite retail establishment or boutique to grab what’s left because come early August the selection will be down to a mismatched bikini bottom in size zero and/or last year’s faux fur vest in a size 18. You get the picture.  Go forth and sale shop!

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Mar 24, 2011

A Colorful Spring at WHBM.

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Category: Fashion

It seems like only yesterday when I strolled into the store White House Black Market. One step inside the front door and you knew that this retailer was SERIOUS about their namesake. Everything was Black or White.

Well…Glamour Girl, things have definitely changed. I received the new catalog and Hello COLOR! Not only have they branched out beyond the color red (the usual holiday fare) but we now have blue, tan and peach. One can only wonder if a name change is in the works.

*WHBM Dress featured in Vogue.

For additional information: www.whitehouseblackmarket.com

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Feb 20, 2011

Budget Proposal.

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Category: Fashion

When I received this email at Go To Glamour Girl last week I was thrilled and intrigued. Here is what  transpired:

Dear Go To Glamour Girl,

Hi! I just got engaged to my boyfriend. The good news is we have been dating FOREVER and he wants to be married ASAP (April of this year).The bad news is, I just lost my job and  am trying to watch my money. Are there any wedding dress options available that are strapless, around $1,000.00 or under and available for delivery by early April  2011..


Happy…,but in a hurry

Dear Happy… but in a Hurry.

Congratulations, on your upcoming nuptials, I am positively thrilled for you . Needless to say I realize that time is of the essence and  understand your constraints. To that end I have quickly sourced some beautiful solutions to your dilemma via the web: The GOOD NEWS-I have found not one but four GORGEOUS options that meet your constraints. All gowns are around $1,000.00 or under, all strapless and all are available NOW! (We are talking RETAIL… so there is no problem). I would highly recommend ordering ASAP or if possible going into the store where available and trying them on. The key to having a gown look like it was made for you is  ALTERATOINS..if ever you have decided to spend the money on a perfect fit-THIS IS IT!!! A well fitting garment can be the difference between an “off the rack look” and “custom made.”If you want a little more “oomph” to make your gown really sparkle- might I suggest adding a bit of Bling…(think statement necklace and/or   rhinestone bracelet..) I have sourced  a necklace from White House Black Market.com on sale- (please see below) to give you an idea. I also suggest you look to  vintage stores, eBay, Etsy  or even borrow something from a friend to help you watch the budget but give you a look that is Glamour Worthy.  

Nicole Miller Gown $1,035.00

Nordstrom Tadashi Shoji Strapless Silk Wedding Gown $798.00

White House Black Market “Audrey” Wedding Gown $698.00

Ann Taylor Stapless Gown $495.00 (as seen on the Today Show)

WHBM.comPearl & Crystal Bauble Necklace was $98.00 now $49.00

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Dec 20, 2010

A White House Black Market Holdiay!

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