Mar 8, 2012

Spring 2012 Trend..White done Right.

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Tory Burch Spring Summer 2012


DVF Spring Summer 2012

The color white is BIG for Spring/Summer 2012.Some  may say that white is really not a color at all but a lack of color. Whatever you believe-white is here to stay! White  goes with absolutely everything and we all know how much we love that when it comes to putting a wardrobe together. The classic white blouse is a wardrobe staple that no woman should be without. There are certain rules about white that must be adhered to in making sure that white is done right. Let’s face it white done right is heaven on earth…but when white goes wrong …it’s as if you hope for a momentary blackout to rethink your white out. Here’s to wearing white right:

White rules:

1. Whenever wearing any white garment-check for transparency. If you can see through your skirt, pant,shorts, blouse  or dress- remember that proper under pinning (slips,camisoles and/or adding a lining at the tailor) are a must!

2. White does make  areas appear larger (and that’s not just in your rear view mirror). If per chance you have a pear shaped figure white may not be the perfect color choice of pant. If you do choose to wear white on your lower half by all means make sure the pants fit perfectly and there’s no pulling or puckering…Not a good look for anyone.

3. White on white may sound perfect on paper but only works when the two whites in question are of different textures. The only addendum to this white on white rule is if the two pieces are sold together.(i.e. a white skirt and jacket or a white top and matching pant).  

4. Unless your in the nursing profession do not even think of wearing white head to toe.

5. There is nothing worse than a white garment with spots. Dry cleaning often yellows a white garment so whenever possible hand wash in a mild detergent and air dry.   

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Apr 29, 2009

White done RIGHT!!!!!

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 Just a little mid-week pick-me-up to see white done right!

Thank you Beyonce!





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