Nov 3, 2020

Cute Capes Courtesy of Zara

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I wanted to take a quick minute today and spotlight one apparel item that is sooo stylish and comfortable. Hello fabulous Capes courtesy of Zara. Each and every cape is beautiful and (here’s the best part) Affordable.  Have a great day and if you haven’t already…get out there and VOTE.

*Click on the image to go directly to the item on the Zara site.

Cotton Blend Cape Coat ($89.00) ZARA


Limited Edition Wool Blend Cape $219.00

Cropped Knit Cape $35.90 @ ZARA

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Jan 24, 2018

Faux to Go!

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Category: Fashion

I’m a HUGE lover of faux fur. Faux is so fun,looks fabulous and if you play your cards right looks just as good if not better than the really thing except nobody (and I do mean all animals) gets hurt which is the number 1 reason for going Faux in the first place.

If you happen to be a little bored with your “everyday winter coat” usually made from wool or cashmere   and are looking to jazz up the winter outwear section of your closet, how about going for a fun faux jacket or coat? Let’s face it after January the Winter does seem to linger and we have got to have something to keep the pep in our step during the cold and dreary months of February and March.

A good faux not only keeps you warm (faux fur is a very dense fabrication and insulates your body heat from escaping-hence keeping you warm ),but it comes in a bevy of style and color options. In addition, since we are heading into Spring in stores many faux coats are on SALE! Our favorite four letter word. Maybe it’s time for you to Go Faux.

Leith Fert Fect Jacket
Nordstrom $89.00

Faux Reversible by Via Spiga
Org. $180/Sale $119.90

Kendall & Kylie Curly Faux $475/Price Matched $297.00 Nordstrom

Now should you prefer just a touch of faux ..

Tweed Coat with Faux FUr Collar
Zara $199.00

Faux Fur Belted Topshop from Nordstrom $170.00

Click on image to go directly to item

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Jan 5, 2018

I’m a Coat-a-holic

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Category: Fashion

The majority of my early years (Age 0-30) were spent in cold climates. I remember bracing the weather in Madison, Wisconsin, as I walked to my final exams in collage with temperatures    reporting in at 40 degrees BELOW zero with the windchill. Sooo, I understand COLD weather and have the frostbitten hands to prove it-quite frankly I don’t think they’ve ever recovered. During my formative freezing years I embraced the notion that even though the temps were dipping, my fashion savvy needn’t. Call me crazy, but I didn’t want to be so bundled up that I looked like a walking snowman or woman for that matter. I still wanted to be stylish in the snow. Enter… layers and my love for a really great and stylish winter coat.

I LOVE coats. A great wool or cashmere coat is key for staying warm and even though I now reside in LA where temts rarely dip under 30,I still have a closet full of coats in my closet and am always on the lookout for more. I’ve come to realize as I search winter coat sales that  I AM A COAT-A-HOLIC and can’t be cured-nor would I even want to be! If you like I LOVE a great coat then join the club and peruse the many FABU sales going on right now.

Here are a few silhouettes that look good on everyone, and are available at all price points in stores and on the web.

Keep it Classic: Image courtesy of Burberry

Wrap it UP1
Image courtesy of Brooklyn Blonde Blogspot

Over sized BUT Stylish

Go for Color!

Faux Fur and Pattern Play Image source unknown

For more Coat Inspiration visit my Coat-A Holic Pinterest Page Click on image to go directly to my Pinterest board.

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Oct 24, 2015

Crushing on the Camel Coat…

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Category: Fashion
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of:  This is Glamorous

Image courtesy of:
This is Glamorous

Image Courtesy of Blue Dreams Revisited

Image Courtesy of Blue Dreams Revisited

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

camel 6

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Jan 8, 2013

Winter Coat Clearance-Coat-a-holics Unite!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

I will be the first to admit that I am a MAJOR Coat-a-holic.   This may not seem like a problem to you but when you live in sunny California -where the thermometer rarely dips below 50 degrees, you’re pretty much left with a closet full of coats that you can only admire on the hanger 363 days of the year. Back in the day when I lived in colder climates-(think bone chilling Chicago and NYC during January)-coats were a mainstay to looking polished and put together.

Which brings me to TODAY! Yes-it’s that time of year again when beautiful coats of all fabrications and colors are reduced and us Coat-a-holics can’t help but  add to our collection. Keep your eyes open for some pretty fantastical deals on Outwear and remember that even if you can only admire your new coat on a pretty hanger the majority of the year…a girl can always dream of taking a vacation…somewhere cold. Coat-a-holics unite !

Alice and Olivia Coat


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Nov 14, 2010

Victoria’s “Other” Secret!

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Category: Fashion

November…The time of year when temperatures call for wearing something more substantial than a sweater coat but less cumbersome and heat inducing than a faux fur coat or puffy parka (God for bid). What’s a Glamour Girl to wear before bone chilling cold temperatures arrive? Easy…peeesy! Just click onto the Victoria’s Secret website and low and behold you have a bevy of very stylish, very affordable lightweight wool coats to peruse and purchase. 

Now, I must give credit where credit is due on this little nugget of info. There I was standing in line at the frozen yogurt shop deciding which flavor to bring home to the hubby (hey I live in California and November weather is still hovering in the 60’s at night) when this darling girl standing next to me was wearing the cutest black ruffled coat. (Please see last picture entry on post). Of course, being on the lookout for all things Glamour Worthy we struck up a conversation about “said coat” and she -being a generous soul said to me: “You are NEVER going to guess where I got this…Victoira’s Secret.  I proceeded to tell her how fabulous she looked in the coat and then she said the magic words (which in turn had me flooring the accelerator till I arrived home to write you lovely Glamour Girls) It was on SALE!!!!! 

Apparently…Victoria has more than one secret. Great lingerie and a bevy of beautiful Mid Season Coats on SALE!


Wool Trench $148.00 now $129.00


Belted Wool Coat $148.00 now $109.00

Wool A-Line Coat $149.00 now $129.00


Wool Ruffle Coat $168.00 now $149.00
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