Dec 17, 2009

Wardrobe Basic:The Suit!

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The”  Business Suit of Today” has come a very long way since its first incarnation. When women started wearing the “power suit” (truth be told-) it was pretty boring and not at all fashionable.  Women were walking around in the standard navy blue or black single breasted suit with a flat front pencil skirt that hit  below the knee. I can’t quite put my finger on who or when this all evolved- I can only say THANK GOODNESS it did. The business suit of today has style, fashion, and flair. It can speak volumes about you as a professional and as an individual. Below I have spotlighted some suits that give you a range from conservative as in the red Valentino to the ultra hip suit by Temperley of London. Let your conscious and your “good taste” be your guide when choosing a suit for your given profession. The rule is usually the more creative a field you are working in the more “leeway” you have in the cut , color and detail.

Here are a few rules that no matte what your “suit status” you will absolutely want to consider when purchasing.

•1.     FABRICATION: More than an other item in your wardrobe your suit should be made of a fabric that does not wrinkle. Translation: Put down anything made of linen or rayon.

•2.      FIT: The suit should fit perfectly in all the right places: (shoulders, back, arm length and hip). If you must decide between a size that is a bit big versus a size that is a bit snug -opt out for the larger size. Tailors have an easier time taking-in than letting out.

•3.     OPTIONS: If the suit comes with a matching pant-BUY IT!

•4.     SKIRT: The perfect skirt length for just about every woman is at or just above the knee.

•5.     COST: Buy the best quality you can afford.

•6.     Accessories can change the entire look of the most basic suit. Use them in good taste to convey your own unique style.    

Christian Dior
Christian Dior


Temperly of London

Temperley of London

Halle Berry (Suited Up) for the women in Entertainment Breakfast.

Halle Berry (Suited Up) for the Women in Entertainment Breakfast. Halle made a perfect seleciton with this simple yet chic suit for the event!

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