Sep 24, 2009

Wardrobe Basic-The White Blouse

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 *The White Blouse-O.K….. So quit yawning. You must be thinking a white blouse- how utterly basic. That’s right! It is basic, and my darling girl you must have a great fitting white blouse no matter what your size or shape. Here are a few tips to make sure you plop down your money on one that lasts.

My motto when it comes to the basics is, “Buy well…. Buy once.”

•1.     A white blouse should be 90-95 percent cotton with 5-10 percent spandex… Why? Because it will hold its shape better and not wrinkle. Promise.

•2.      Buy a white blouse that is fitted close to the body (that doesn’t mean tight) it means skimming your curves and has darts at the bust. Look for a princess seam.

•3.     Check the stitching on the blouse that they are even and there are no skipped needle marks.

•4.     Even if it says Dry Clean only-Don’t! Dry cleaning solvent yellows a white blouse. Instead- hand wash in cold water. Line Dry.

•5.     Buy the best white blouse that you can possibly afford.

•6.     Make sure your white blouse is long enough to tuck into your shirt or pants.

•7.     If you find a white blouse that  fits like a dream -buy two. You will so thank me in the morning.

Ann Taylor White Blouse $60.00

Ann Taylor White Blouse $60.00

 *In an effort to help every working woman attain a complete wardrobe I will be running a new weekly feature giving you wardrobe basics that every working woman should have in her closet. Now just in case you’re wondering about the term working woman-All women are working women. It doesn’t matter if you have an office, a home office or you work at home with your children. If you are born a woman work..GO forth and be fabulous…..

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