Sep 9, 2009

Three words-Thigh High Boots!

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Thigh High Boots for Fall 2009-2010

Thigh High Boots for Fall 2009-2010

YSL Thigh High $1,855.00 Like Butter..........

YSL Thigh High $1,855.00 Like Butter..........

O.K. So if SJP and Madonna wear the thigh high ..who are we to argue! Let's face it if anybody knows fashion it would hands down be a toss up between these two!

Look who's wearing the thigh high! I rest my case!

Finally! The thigh High Boot is officially the “must have” boot of the season. Tell me something I don’t know. I have been in love with the thigh high/over the knee boot forever. (Please note home page picture.)

I purchased my first pair 5 years ago. The leather was like butter and they were DRASTICALLY marked down because somebody thought they wouldn’t be selling… HA! I have worn my thigh highs constantly in the cold climate months ( I live in LA so that totals a whopping 4 months if I am lucky (November to February) but I must say every single time I put on these fabulous boots I get a million compliments. Not only are they like butter but a comfortable 3 inch heel aids in  making my legs look long and thin.-(which  P.S. is always the illusion I am going for). I recently bumped into a women who complained(?) that her legs were to long and I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how that could possibly be a problem. But back to the boots shall we. Now listen ladies. I swear the thigh high is a God send with a capital G. If you are a bit over 20 closing in on 40 or even 50 you can make it work. (See enclosed pic of SJP and Madge.)

The thigh high-it makes your legs  so chic.

What more could a girl ask for?- Well 75 percent off would be nice!

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